How to Choose the Best Desk Mic Stands

giftmaker416 - How to Choose the Best Desk Mic Stands

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giftmaker416 - How to Choose the Best Desk Mic Stands

How to Choose the Best Desk Mic Stands

If you’re in the market for a new Desk Mic Stand, you have many choices.

How to Choose the Best Desk Mic Stands

This article will go over the best desk mic stands from leading brands, including Samson MD5, On-Stage, Gator Frameworks, and more. If you’re unsure which Desk Mic Stand is right for you, read on for some tips to make the selection process easier. Then, you’ll be well on your way to acquiring the perfect Desk Mic Stand.

Samson MD5

The Samson MD5 Desktop Microphone Stand allows for optimal desktop mic positioning. This slim design is combined with a heavy-duty die-cast metal base to provide maximum stability to any microphone. It works perfectly for recording music, voiceovers, or podcasts. The sturdy construction makes this a must-have accessory for any audio enthusiast. Here are some of its best features:

The MD5 stands at five inches high and has a weighted, 6.25″ wide die-cast metal base for stability. Its five/8”-27 mic clip threading guarantees the microphone’s optimal stability. The MD5 is compatible with Samson’s SP01 Spider Shockmount. It weighs three pounds and measures 6.3″ x 6.3″


You’ve probably heard about the AmazonBasics desk microphone stand. While it might seem like a bargain, it does a good job of securing your microphone to a desk. Unlike many desk mic stands, however, it’s not the best option for every single type of microphone. First, consider its build. At 2.2 pounds, the Blue Yeti microphone is fairly sturdy and will provide you with plenty of bump resistance and stability. On the other hand, the stand takes up more space on your desk and is a bit more difficult to store than smaller microphones. Secondly, the mic is too bulky for most standard shock mounts, so you’ll need to purchase a separate desk microphone stand for it. In any case, however, the AmazonBasics desk mic stand is more versatile and less expensive than most desk microphone stands.

However, the microphone stand is not made of metal. It’s made from plastic, and as such, it’s relatively lightweight. Nonetheless, the stand is sturdy and comes with a one-year warranty. Despite its inexpensive price tag, it doesn’t have the best build quality, so you’ll probably have to look elsewhere to find the right desk mic stand. And remember that if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll need a desk mic stand that won’t damage your microphone.


When you’re on stage, you don’t want to be hunched over a desk mic. That’s where an On-Stage desk mic stand comes in handy. Not only does it hold your desk mic, but it can also be used to support guitar amps or kick drums. These versatile stand options can be used for both live performance and recording. Here are some of the best desk mic stands on the market.

A classic desk mic stand is one with a round base and three fold-out tripod-style legs. It’s often made of die-cast metal, but has a sturdy build and includes velcro straps for keeping cables neat. The internal pole of the stand adjusts in height with a simple lever. The On-Stage MS7701B mic stand is another classic tripod boom mic stand and features a cable clip and height-adjustment clutch.

Gator Frameworks

The Gator Frameworks desk mic stand offers a compact, lightweight, and adjustable height boom arm for the best mic placement possible for desktop recording and streaming. Its tilting head and telescoping boom arm allow you to angle the microphone in any direction and eliminate vibration. The boom arm has an XLR cable built-in, and the stand is designed to clamp to a desk without the use of tools. Lastly, it can support a variety of microphones, including lavalier and condenser mics.

A desk mic boom stand is the perfect way to mount a microphone on your desk. These versatile accessories offer 360-degree rotation, and minimum noise, and are compatible with any desk. Their universal C-clamp mounts easily onto any desk, which means you can mount them to nearly any surface. The included spring-loaded articulating arms make moving the mic easy. This boom arm can accommodate microphones up to 38.5″ in radius.

Best Microphone Stands For Desk

If you want to use a microphone on your desk, you can look for the best microphone stand for your desk. Here are some options you should consider: Elgato’s Wave Mic Arm LP Luxe, K & M’s DS7200QRB, Samson’s AtlasIED MS-10C, and On-Stage’s PSA1.

Elgato’s Wave Mic Arm LP Luxe

The Wave Mic Arm LP Luxe is the top-of-the-line boom arm from Elgato. It can be mounted on the side of your desk and features articulating joints and tension-adjustable joints for an exceptional level of flexibility. Featuring 360-degree elbow rotation and a ball head, this mic arm is great for both studio and live applications. Whether you’re mixing music, recording voiceovers, or streaming live, this mic arm will make your recording experience more convenient.

The Wave Mic Arm LP’s magnetic cover system conceals cable trays and reduces vibration. It features an opening on either end for cable management and is compatible with 1/4, 3/8, and 5/8-inch mic mounts. A counterweight is included for mics that weigh less than five pounds to reduce tension and ensure the microphone stays in place. The arm also includes two cable channels for a secure connection to your recording equipment.

K & M’s DS7200QRB

The DS7200QRB Quik-Release Round Base microphone stand for desk is a sturdy and portable unit that delivers exceptional stability and adjustability. Its heavy, but portable round base offers outstanding stability and features a spring-loaded clutch trigger for height adjustment. This model accepts a variety of mic accessories and comes with a protective rubber base. There are no screws, nuts, or bolts to lose or damage.

The Quik-Release trigger clutch on the DS7200QRB stands makes for easy adjustment. The stand’s solid sand-cast base and five rubber feet are sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. The DS7200QRB features a built-in level for precise positioning, and its five rubber feet keep it firmly on the desk. While the DS7200QRB microphone stands for desk costs more upfront, the higher-end model offers a longer warranty and better accessories. Metal stands are also much stronger and more sturdy than cheap, thin plastic models. Unlike cheap microphone stands, metal ones are made of a durable metal material that won’t corrode over time.

Samson’s AtlasIED MS-10C

A sturdy and versatile desk mic stand, the AtlasIED MS-10C from the Atlas Sound brand has an all-purpose chrome finish. It features an Atlas Sound wear-proof clutch and a sturdy die-cast metal base for excellent stability. It also features a 5-inch height adjustment and rubber pads on the feet to protect floor surfaces. The AtlasIED MS-10C comes with adjustable height and is available in a wide range of colors to meet any studio and recording needs.

The Boom Stand is easy to use and folds to a minimum height of 25 inches. Its internal springs give you the freedom to move the microphone without making it noisy. It includes a threaded desk insert and a clamp for a desk mount. It also supports a maximum weight of 1.1kg. It is one of the best desk mics stands on the market, and comes in three colors: black, red, and tan.

On-Stage’s PSA1

The RODE PSA1 desk microphone stand is an industry-standard scissor arm boom for larger podcaster, procaster, and broadcaster mics. Its dual-axis swivel mount allows for flexible positioning and has internal springs that allow you to easily adjust the mic’s position without having to unplug or move cables. It also features two mounting options: a standard C-clamp and a dual-axis swivel.

This desk mic stand features a boom arm that folds out to a convenient 25 inches. The boom arm can reach up to 71 inches and can accommodate an SM58-style microphone. The boom arm is equipped with a cable clip on its side for easy cable management. The stand can support a microphone up to SM58-style models. Its lightweight, swivel design makes it ideal for podcast studio setups.

On-Stage’s DS9701TBPLUS

The On-Stage DS9701TBPLUS is a heavy-duty tripod-base desk microphone stand, featuring an ergonomic center clutch grip and a 30-inch overhead boom. This stand is ideal for studios, boardroom meetings, press conferences, and more. Its versatile design is adjustable and folds easily for storage or transportation. It has Allen bolts for easy setup and tension adjustment.

Choosing the Best Mic Table Stand

There are many mic tables stands available today, and choosing the best one for your needs can be a daunting task. We’ll talk about the On-Stage DS7200QRB, Auray TT-6220 telescoping boom arm, Samson MD2, and more. Hopefully, you’ll find our recommendations useful. We’ll also discuss the different types of mic table stands and why they’re so important.

On-Stage DS7200QRB

Whether you’re a motivated speaker or simply prefer a desk-mounted microphone, the On-Stage DS7200QR Quik-Release Adjustable Desk Stand is an excellent choice. This versatile stand comes with a Quik-Release trigger clutch, allowing you to disconnect from your speaker with ease. Its solid sand-cast base and five rubber feet ensure stability and a firm grip on the table.

The On-Stage DS7200QRB desk-top mic stand excels at short-height miking applications. The stand is equipped with standard clips and accessories, and the sturdy, non-slip rubber feet minimize mic rumble. This stand makes setting up your mic easy and fast. Its adjustable height allows you to position your microphone in a variety of positions, which makes the process of setting it up a breeze.

Auray TT-6220 telescoping boom arm

If you need a quality desk microphone stand, look no further than the Auray TT-6220 telescopic boom arm microphone table stand. Its weighted round base with non-slip rubber feet, microphone cable guide, and durable steel construction makes it the perfect solution for your desktop audio needs. If you’re planning to purchase a tabletop microphone stand, consider the Auray TT-6220 telescopic boom arm mic table stand.

For the best results with this tabletop microphone stand, make sure to read the user manual carefully. It contains important safety instructions and recommendations for proper use. To avoid injury, follow all instructions and recommendations. You’ll be protecting your health and recognizing any possible defects. The manual is a vital part of your new tabletop microphone stand, and it’s available from the Auray website.

Samson MD2

The MD2 Table microphone stands by Samson is an adjustable stand with a height adjustment of 15 to 22.5 cm. It has a solid steel base that supports microphones of various heights. Its adjustable height range makes it the ideal choice for studio and home recording applications. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The MD2 microphone stand is equipped with a telescoping arm that can be adjusted from six to nine inches. The arm locks into place with a twist clutch mechanism. The end of the arm features a 5/8″-27 thread and a low-profile design. The microphone stand can accommodate various microphone types, including the popular Shure SM58. It is compatible with most types of booms and microphone stands.

Auray MC-125

The Auray MC-125 mic table stand is lightweight, yet solid and sturdy. It is a great choice for musicians who perform in a sit-down position and need to support their microphone while playing or singing. It is also very easy to transport, thanks to the foldable tripods and removable boom arm. Its ergonomic twist-action clutches are also comfortable to use. The table stand is designed for singers and musicians who spend a great deal of time on stage.

The MC-125 mic table stand is compatible with many different audio devices. Its adjustable base and locking inline skate-style wheels allow for easy movement and stability in any location. It can be adjusted by angle or height, and it can support microphones up to 85 lbs. It has a large, wide dialanthony43, which amplifies your voice when singing or speaking. Its sturdy design will withstand the rigors of live performance.

Tree New Bee

The Tree New Bee mic table stand is sturdy and easy to use. This mic stand is adjustable for any microphone. It comes with a wind pop filter mask shield to protect your mic from the elements. It’s not compatible with the blue yeti USB microphone. Lastly, this mic stand is foldable, making it easy to transport. The stand’s maximum load capacity is 5lbs. Its screws are standard 5/8″-27 threads. Unfortunately, some customers received damaged screws.

The Tree New Bee mic table stand is an excellent choice for studio use. A tripod stand helps you use a microphone at the best angle possible for recording. The mic’s base is made of sturdy die-cast iron, making it sturdy and lightweight. Tree New Bee offers three sizes of tripod stands, ranging from six to eight feet long. This mic stand is also easy to store. Its telescopic base is convenient for transporting and easy to assemble.

Best Desk Mounted Microphone Stand

A desk-mounted microphone stand sits on your desk, allowing you to free up your work surface and improve audio quality. Mic stands also save space and are ergonomic, clearing your desk of desk clutter. If you’re live-streaming, audio quality is vital. Investing in a desk-mounted microphone stand will improve the performance of your microphone and reduce fatigue from live-streaming. Read on to learn more about desk-mounted mic stands and how they can help your live broadcasting.

Samson MD5

If you want to set up your home studio, the MD5 Desktop Microphone Stand from Samson is an essential tool. Its weighted metal base ensures stability and compatibility with any microphone. This stand is perfect for recording music, voiceovers, and podcasts with high-quality audio. With this product, you can easily create professional-quality audio from your home studio without any difficulty. To learn more about the MD5 Desktop Microphone Stand, read on.

The MD5 is a 5-inch desktop microphone stand by Samson. This versatile microphone stand is great for home studios, as it provides optimum positioning on any desk. Its weighted die-cast metal base provides stability and reliability for any microphone. Designed for a variety of standard microphones, the MD5 works well with the SP01 Spider Shockmount. The MD5 weighs approximately three pounds and measures 6.3″ in diameter.

On-Stage DS7200B

If you need to mic up a kick drum, guitar amp, or bass, the On-Stage DS7200B adjustable desk microphone stand will help you get the job done. Its sturdy, adjustable steel base prevents it from tipping and features non-slip rubber feet. This mic stand is an essential tool for professional musicians and studio artists alike. Read on to find out how it works and if it’s the right choice for your needs.

This heavy-duty mic stand has a long boom arm and an adjustable height. It’s made of sturdy powder-coated steel with a rubber gasket to absorb vibration. It’s perfect for recording a podcast, and its height adjusts from 1” to nine inches. Another great option is the Proline MS112 microphone stick. This mic stand features an integrated cable clip for connecting your microphone. It can also be used as a desk microphone or to record a podcast.

Yellowtec DS7200B

The OnStage DS7200B desk mount microphone stand is a great choice for short-height miking. The 6” diameter base holds two pounds and is made of solid sand-cast material. Its non-slip rubber feet make it easy to use and set up. The boom arm is easy to assemble and functions well with mid-weight microphones. With its simple design and high-quality build, the OnStage DS7200B is an excellent desk recording boom arm.

This desk mounts mic stand is adjustable from five to seven feet high. It includes a deluxe weighted base for stability, cable clips, and a 16” boom. The stand is also compatible with standard mic clips and accessories. With its adjustable height and angle, you can easily get the right height and angle for the perfect performance. You can also purchase a shorter cable separately for less than $100 at Amazon.

Samson MK10

This lightweight, collapsible mic stand from Samson offers great flexibility and durability. Its steel construction and sturdy design are great for stage and studio applications. It also comes with a standard microphone clip, making it a great choice for any vocalist or other studio user. The Samson MK10 desk-mounted mic stand is lightweight and folds for easy transportation. Here are a few reasons why it is such a great choice:

Its single-section boom is 16” long and features a weighted base for stability. The microphone stand comes with a six-foot cable and includes two clips for cable management. If you’re not ready to spend a lot of money on a microphone stand, you can also check out the less expensive Samson MK10 desk-mounted mic stand. It also has a weighted base and an adjustable height.

On-Stage DS7100

The On-Stage DS7100 desk mic stand is the perfect accessory for any broadcaster or recording engineer. Its sturdy, six-inch-diameter base is rubber-covered to prevent slipping. The adjustable shaft is 4″-tall and features a 5/8-inch-27 thread. The stand is available in chrome or black. This desktop mic stand is designed to mount standard mic clips.

The stand is adjustable, allowing you to adjust the height of your microphone with ease. The detachable boom arm is particularly useful, as it eliminates the possibility of accidentally knocking the mic stand over. The stand is compatible with a variety of cabinet types, and it features a detachable boom. This mic stand is lightweight and durable, with metal tripod legs and a rubber pad for improved stability.

Choosing the Best Mic Stand For Streaming

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best microphone stand for streaming. These items will help you ensure that you don’t accidentally damage your mic. Here are some of the best models for streaming. The On Stage DS7200QRB is an excellent choice for beginners, while the Yellowtec Wave Mic Arm LP Luxe is an ideal option for more experienced broadcasters. If you’re unsure of which one to choose, consider the Atlas Sound MS-10R round base.

On Stage DS7200QRB

The On Stage DS7200QRB Quik Release Adjustable Desk Stand is a versatile stand with a spring-loaded clutch trigger. It’s very stable, thanks to its sturdy sand-cast base and 5 rubber feet. It’s a good choice for a motivated speaker who is looking for a quality stand for streaming. The DS7200QRB is available in three different styles: the Executive, the Standard, and the DS7200QRB.

On Stage PMKS56

If you need a microphone stand for streaming, the On Stage PMKS56 is a good choice. It comes with a height adjustment of 9′ to 13′ and is low-profile. The movable shaft offers 360-degree rotation, making it ideal for short-height miking and precise positioning. It also features non-slip rubber feet for stability. You can purchase this mic stand at the On Stage website.

Yellowtec Wave Mic Arm LP Luxe

If you are looking for a boom arm for streaming, the Wave Mic Arm LP Luxe is a high-quality product. Its low-profile design keeps the microphone below the monitor, and its tension-adjustable joints allow you to make the microphone height more or less adjustable for the best sound. It has a ball head and can be adjusted up to 6 cm, and includes a camera holder, which you can purchase separately.

Atlas Sound MS-10R round base

There are many benefits of the Atlas Sound MS-10R round base microphone stand for streaming. This mic stand’s round base provides stability, and internal springs allow you to adjust its height without making the microphone vibrate or move noisy. The MS-10R comes with a threaded desk insert and a clamp that secures the microphone to the base. It supports 1.1kg and is lightweight, making it an excellent choice for streaming.

Heil PL-2T

The Heil PL-2T microphone stand is perfect for streaming and broadcasting. The boom mount allows for silent adjustment and features industry-standard 5/8″-27 threaded microphone clips. It also features a chrome-plated stem that’s lockable into the optimum mounting position, depending on the type of microphone used. The articulating arm makes it easy to adjust the position of your microphone, and it handles up to 1.5kg.

Blue Yeti Nano

The Blue Yeti Micro is a wireless microphone that uses a USB connection to power it. Plug in the microphone and the USB cable to your computer. Your computer should automatically detect the microphone as the default input device. If not, set it as your default input device. If necessary, you can also plug in the stand and the microphone separately. You can now use the microphone with your favorite streaming channels. And with the stand, you can easily add an extra microphone without the hassle of rewiring the entire computer.

Seiren Mini

When you want to record a high-quality audio stream, you’ll need a microphone that will allow you to move around freely. For streaming, a Razer Seiren Mini microphone is an ideal choice, thanks to its simplicity and low price tag. A downside is that it lacks mute and gain controls, but that’s expected for a $50 mic. It’s also portable and lightweight, which means that you can bring it along on your travels and use it in any environment.

How to Choose the Best Desk Mic Stands

How to Choose the Best Desk Mic Stands

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