Unicorn Birthday Party Food Ideas

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Unicorn Birthday Party Food Ideas

For younger children, bite-sized treats are the way to go. You can purchase unicorn cake pop kits or make your own. For an added touch, you can add sprinkles and rainbow food coloring to your hot chocolate. Even macaroons can become unicorn-themed with rainbow sprinkles. In addition to delicious food, unicorn-themed decorations are essential to your party’s success. 

For the food, look for scalloped paper plates in both adult and child sizes. Alternatively, you could use magical milk bottles. Not only do these help prevent spills, but they also add an enchanting touch to the unicorn-themed party. Of course, preparing a homemade birthday cake is a big task. Fortunately, there are simple ways to set off a tasty treat, including sprinkles, cake toppers, and cake cases. You can even get cake stands that you can reuse over.


The menu for a unicorn birthday party is not necessarily simple. There are many fun things to try, including colorful marshmallow fluff, popcorn, and rainbow sprinkles. Several savory items are hard to find, so you may want to think about unicorn-themed grilled cheese sandwiches, which are a perfect fit for a party theme. Other ideas include unicorn milkshakes, which combine a rich strawberry milkshake with rainbow candies and sprinkles.

Treats can range from rainbow-colored cupcakes to a poofy cake with a unicorn head. The cake itself can also be shaped like different emojis, or kids can draw on the face themselves. To make the food even more fun, choose pastel colors for the horn. Top it all off with stars or sprinkles for a special dessert. Then let the party go on! You’ll want to plan on plenty of unicorn-themed snacks, games, and a few treats.

Guests are sure to be impressed by the colorful creations. Here are a few of our favorite recipes: unicorn ice cream cake, rainbow-colored popcorn, and tasty homemade PopTarts. The kids can also make unicorn-themed popcorn and snack mixes. We found some delicious unicorn dip at Kids Activities Blog. The unicorns are sure to be a hit at the party! And if you’re a unicorn lover, you’ll have plenty of fun creating this magical food.


There are lots of ways to decorate for a unicorn birthday party. You can make them yourself or shop for them. But whatever you do, make sure your decorations are fun and unique! There’s something magical about unicorns, and you can’t go wrong with that! For your little unicorn, consider the following ideas for decorations. They’ll surely make his or her birthday a success! Listed below are some of the easiest and most effective ways to decorate for a unicorn birthday party.

Make some unicorn-shaped paper cups. These little cups look incredibly impressive and only take a few minutes to make. Buy white or pale pink paper cups and add unicorn details. Add rainbow-colored paper straws to complete the look. Lastly, make unicorn-shaped cupcake toppers. These fun treats are not only edible, but they also look great! Decorations for a unicorn birthday party are endless. You can even make your unicorn costume!

Creating the perfect unicorn-themed party can take some time, but it’s worth it when you have a beautiful, colorful birthday party. Unicorn party decorations will make your birthday party look great and encourage your child to use his or her imagination. The following are some of the easiest ways to decorate for a unicorn birthday party. You can buy decor online or create your own using your favorite stores. Either way, make sure you choose decorations based on the interests of your little unicorn.


For your child’s next birthday party, create a magical theme with unicorn-themed tableware. Unicorn-themed paper plates and napkins can be found in two convenient sizes. Alternatively, use magical milk bottles for drinks, which prevent spillages and add a whimsical touch to the party. The best part is that you can reuse the same napkins and plates for subsequent parties! Another way to make the unicorn party food ideas more magical is to make your cake! Simple sprinkles, a cake case, and a pretty paper ribbon will help set off the treat.

A unicorn party can be a truly magical occasion. You should first decide on the decorations for your party. You can use brightly colored streamers and banners to create an elegant and playful atmosphere. If you want to provide unicorn party favors, consider using a unicorn party favor box that doubles up as a party bag! This way, your child will have a keepsake from the party as well as a unique party favor.

The crafty among the guests can use various craft supplies to make unicorn puppets. Once the glue dries, attach them to large popsicle sticks for an instant unicorn. After the glue has dried, take a photograph of the adorable puppets. A unicorn birthday party is not complete without unicorn-themed tableware! It’s sure to be the most magical birthday party! These food ideas will make your unicorn birthday party a blast!


For your little girl’s unicorn birthday party, the theme is sure to be bright and cheerful, and there are several fun ways to decorate your table and party favors. You can get a unicorn-themed tablecloth or a variety of colored plates and utensils. Be sure to buy enough plastic tableware for at least one and a half times the number of guests. This way, you can easily reuse them for another party.

For a summertime party, consider making some unicorn ice cream with edible glitter and sprinkles. This cool treat will be a hit with your guests. Another fun option is unicorn meringues. These delicious treats melt in the mouth. And since they contain lots of fruit, you can keep these treats healthy and still satisfy the unicorn cravings. As a bonus, they’ll keep your guests happy and satiated until dinnertime.

For a sweet treat, consider creating a unicorn-themed ice cream cone. It’s easy to make and looks great on the table! And if you’re a baker, consider making your own unicorn ice cream cones to give to your guests. Don’t forget the drink cups! No unicorn party would be complete without these. Your guests will be enchanted by the bright colors and will want to keep them on their plates for the rest of the party.

Cake pops

If you’re hosting a birthday party for a child with a unicorn theme, consider serving unicorn cake pops! These adorable treats are topped with ice cream cones, so your guests can enjoy the crunch of a cake pop while observing the horn and ears. To make these pops, you’ll need special cake decorating items. These items are available at most craft stores. If you’re not able to find these items, you can make your own with card stock picks.

Unicorns are beautiful creatures, with white bodies and rainbow-colored horns. They automatically inspire a desire to play with them and give them gifts. Unicorn pops are a popular choice among birthday party food ideas for children with unicorn themes. And for those who love unicorns, you don’t have to go far to make the treats. Aside from the cake pops, you can also make unicorn slime for your guests! You can also put thank-you tags on them, which will be fun for everyone to receive!

Another great idea for a unicorn birthday party is to serve rainbow-colored cake pops! These delicious treats are also perfect for younger children. You can make them sparkle and sprinkle-covered with rainbow colors. For an extra-special treat, you can also offer unicorn-themed chocolates! If you don’t have time to make unicorn-themed desserts, you can also order them online! For younger children, simple one-bite treats are the perfect option. Cake pops can be purchased in kits, which make them excellent party food.

Banana bread

Adding sprinkles to your banana bread is sure to delight your guests. The Banana bread recipe is simple and incredibly festive. To make this delicious treat, mix mashed banana, butter, sugar, milk, flour, baking powder, and an egg. Add in about 1/2 cup of sprinkles. Bake for about 25 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let the banana bread cool before adding icing and sprinkles.

Another fun way to celebrate your little unicorn is with tasty treats. Banana bread with sprinkles is always a hit. Banana bread with rainbow sprinkles is another great option. If you’re not sure what to serve for unicorn party food, try a horned pretzel with ice cream. This is a clever twist on the classic party game. To make the tail, you can use paper or ribbon.

Banana bread is one of the best and most popular food ideas for a unicorn birthday party. It is fun, easy, and magical for your guests. Banana bread with rainbow toppings will be a hit with the kids! Another delicious idea for unicorn birthday party food is banana bread! Banana bread is a simple and easy recipe that is guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eater. If you’re looking for more unicorn-themed ideas, check out our list of delicious desserts and drinks.

Make unicorn milkshakes

You can make unicorn milkshakes at home and add them to a birthday party table as decorations. All you need are some ice cream and milk. To make a unicorn milkshake, combine the ice cream with the milk in a blender. Add the extra flavoring and milk, and blend until smooth. Divide the mixture among three glasses. Decorate each with a rainbow of sprinkles and candies.

To make the decorations even more fun, pour them into a vintage glass bottle. Top them with marshmallows and starry sprinkles. You can also add paper straws. Unicorn milkshakes are a delightful treat for a birthday party. These drinks are delicious, and they’re easy to make! The pastel colors add a magical touch. Make them as a party decoration at home!

Another fun way to decorate a unicorn milkshake is to decorate it with an edible unicorn horn. You can easily make unicorn milkshakes at home – all you need to do is combine ice cream, milk, and candy. Decorate the cone with a unicorn horn or another favorite candy. Serve the unicorn milkshake with an ice cream cone and sprinkles. The party is sure to be a hit!

As a birthday party decoration, unicorn milkshakes can be a DIY project, or you can buy unicorn-themed items. Either way, you’ll be sure to create a unicorn-themed birthday party! Your little girl will love it! This theme will make her birthday celebration extra special! It won’t only impress her guests, but it’ll be a hit! So, don’t wait any longer to make unicorn milkshakes for your child’s next birthday party.

Unicorn Party Food Ideas on a Budget

Are you looking for great unicorn party food ideas on a tight budget? Then read on for a few suggestions! From snacks to a cake, you are sure to find the perfect recipe. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a cake and snacks using the unicorn theme. But first, let’s talk about unicorn party favors. You can also buy these adorable plates to give as gifts to unicorn enthusiasts.

Making snacks with a unicorn theme

Creating a unicorn party is not difficult, and you can make your decorations using items that you already have in the house. For example, you probably have a white tablecloth and a blank wall at home. Or you could recycle old tinsel and use it as party decorations. The trend for unicorn cake pops is still going strong, so you can use that as decoration as well. Rainbow jelly pots are fun and easy to make, and you can even use a unicorn cookie cutter to cut out sandwiches!

Other unicorn-themed snacks include colorful marshmallows and rainbow crackers. Popcorn and marshmallows are also perfect for this party. You can also create a unicorn-themed ice cream punch and serve it in a mason jar. You can also get creative with unicorn-themed games and crafts. For your little unicorns’ party, make sure to include a few fun activities for the kids.

To add to your unicorn party decor, you can make a paper plate craft. You will need a paper plate, some colored cardstock, and a printable template. Print out the template, cut out the unicorn shape, and glue it onto the plate. Unicorn-themed paper plate crafts make for adorable table decor. Although unicorn-themed cake and decor are fairly mainstream, unicorn snacks and treats aren’t!

Making a unicorn-themed cake

If you’re throwing a unicorn party, one of the best things you can do to get creative is to make a unicorn-themed cake. There are tons of ways to do this, from sprinkling rainbow sprinkles to making your cake box labels. You can also use unicorn-themed items to decorate party favors and bags. Try making gift bags from pink and gold paper, biodegradable glitter, or even artificial flowers.

One of the best ways to make a unicorn-themed cake is to make a kit. You can order one from a unicorn-themed party store and it will come complete with a printable template, colored icing, and even a cake mix. These kits can be great for other parties, like a birthday or Christmas party. If you’re on a budget, you might consider buying a cake kit, which is the ultimate unicorn party decor.

If you want to add a magical touch to the party, you can also opt for a pull-apart cake. Pull-apart cakes are fun and add a touch of mystical magic to your party. Unicorns and rainbows go hand-in-hand, so you can use colorful unicorn-themed cupcakes or cake pops as a centerpiece. When kids pull these cupcakes out of the cake, they will be amazed and cheer!

Making unicorn-themed snacks

Whether it’s for a bake sale or a family road trip, unicorn-themed snacks are sure to please the whole family. Sprinkles and colorful marshmallows create a sweet and salty treat. Then, place the snacks in an airtight container and store them in the refrigerator. If you’re preparing them for a party, you can even print printable labels for them! This makes them perfect for party favors.

To make a fun unicorn-themed snack, you can take a few basic supplies and get creative. You can use colorful sprinkles and melted chocolate to create unicorn-themed treats. You can even make unicorn horns out of pretzel rods. These tasty treats will delight your guests! You can also use the same technique for unicorn-themed cupcakes. You can also make unicorn-themed treats by using unicorn-themed cookie cutters and bright-colored frosting. You can also use unicorn-themed ice cream to create a signature unicorn-themed ice cream punch for your party.

When planning a unicorn party, remember to keep a budget in mind. You may need to make some decorations, but these are easy to make and will give your party a magical appearance. You may also want to buy some cheap unicorn-themed decorations from Dollar Tree. They’re great for kids’ birthday parties! The Dollar Tree has many items under $1 each. If you’re aiming to make unicorn-themed snacks on a budget, you might want to purchase the items in bulk and prepare them in advance.

Unicorn Party Food Ideas Healthy

You might be wondering how to make your unicorn party food healthy. The good news is that there are several simple recipes for healthy unicorn treats. You can include fruits, vegetables, and Banana bread as part of your menu. For the unicorn party food, you can also opt for cake donuts and banana bread, which can be purchased from a grocery store bakery. To make it more exciting, you can get a unicorn cake topper for the occasion.

Healthy unicorn recipes

There are many fun ways to celebrate the magical unicorn theme without sacrificing nutrition. Unicorn ice cream is a great summer treat that can be decorated with sprinkles and edible glitter. Or try unicorn meringues! These delicious treats are funny and melt in your mouth! Besides being delicious, unicorn meringues are also healthy since they are packed with juicy fruit! A perfect way to celebrate this magical theme without sacrificing your health is by trying these recipes!

Fruits and veggies

A rainbow of fruits and veggies is the perfect party food for your unicorn party. You can make unicorn-themed fruit salads or smoothie bowls. Use dragonfruit for a red-hot pink hue. You can also add activated charcoal, a super-detoxifying supplement. Unicorn donuts are just healthy servings of rice. You can make healthy versions of your traditional favorites. These tasty treats will be a hit with your guests.

Cake donuts

These sweet treats are a healthy option for your little unicorn’s birthday party. All you need is a cake mix and a can of frosting. Then, just add a few drops of food coloring for an extra fun touch. You can also use a butter knife to swirl the batter. To bake, pour the batter into a donut pan. Bake them for nine to 10 minutes, and then flip them out onto a wire cooling rack. Repeat the process until you run out of batter.

Banana bread

If you’re hosting a unicorn-themed party, banana bread is a healthy option. Banana bread is a classic party food that kids will love, and this tasty treat has magical properties. The bread is easy to make and has a rainbow-hued appearance. Make unicorn bread with sprinkles for extra fun. Banana bread is also a perfect party food for a kid’s birthday party, as it won’t make the kids’ guests sick!

Yogurt pops

These colorful treats are a healthy, fun alternative to ice cream. To make them, simply melt white chocolate over a double burner, stir in coconut oil, and then stir in a few drops of food coloring. Once the white chocolate has melted, add popsicle sprinkles. Place the popsicles in the freezer to set for about 4 hours. If you prefer, you can add fruit to the mix.

Cake batter fudge

If you’re looking for a healthier version of your favorite candy, try this unicorn cake batter fudge. This delicious treat is a good option for kids and adults alike, and it also turns cake batter into fudge! This healthy unicorn party food idea is an easy and fun DIY project that kids can do themselves. Another healthy dessert idea is panna cotta, a cream-based dessert made with gelatin and sweetened cream. This treat is as magical as unicorns themselves!

Cheesecake bars

If you’re looking for healthy party food ideas for a unicorn-themed party, you can make Unicorn Cheesecake Bites. These bite-sized treats are adorable and healthy, and they’re also sure to make your guests swoon. You can even make Unicorn ice cream for dessert! If you’re hosting a unicorn-themed party, you can even make Skinny Ice Cream Cake! This recipe from The Skinny Fork is surprisingly easy and delicious.


Unicorn sundaes and bites are both fun and healthy options for the table, while rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches and Rainbow Yogurt Pudding are great for lunchtime. If you’re looking for healthier party food ideas, you can even make unicorn candy bark. Sprinkles and Lucky Charms make a great topping for this colorful treat. The possibilities are endless! Healthy unicorn party food ideas are not only fun to eat but will satisfy the unicorn lover in all of us.


If you’re looking for easy and fun party food ideas for your unicorn-themed event, consider making a smoothie bowl. This colorful drink is loaded with healthy ingredients, including protein-packed greek yogurt and fruit. This recipe is easy enough to make with the help of kids. Blend frozen fruit in a blender until smooth. To make it even more fun, top it with sprinkles and whipped cream!

Unicorn Birthday Party Food Ideas