Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas For a Magical Celebration

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Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas For a Magical Celebration

The perfect birthday drink is cold in a unicorn glass.

Various rainbow colors complement the celebration, and kids can help prepare their favorite treats.

You can also get a party kit from Target or another retail store for a low-cost party at this stage in the game.

There are plenty of ideas available for making a colorful unicorn cupcake.

If your child is creative, offer a prize for a unique party hat made from glitter and glitter.

Pull-apart Cake

Cake pops are an excellent way to add a magical touch to a child’s birthday party.

The brightly colored unicorn on top of the cupcake will enchant the children as they are pulled out of the cake.

Including kids in the party can be fun and make them feel part of the celebrations.

A pull-apart cake is another great unicorn birthday party idea.

Kids will be amazed as they remove the colorful top from the cupcake.

Also, as the child pulls a cupcake out of the hat, they will be sure to cheer and applaud!

It is time to plan the perfect Unicorn party!

Unicorn Pinata

A unicorn pinata will add an adorable touch to a unicorn birthday party.

A rainbow-colored pinata can be made using pastel colors, and it is an excellent DIY project.

If you are on a budget, consider buying a small cake in a cute color.

The party can also be a DIY project if you do not have time to make all the traditional decorations yourself.

They are fun to make and will leave your guests oozing with joy!

Plus, they are easy to create and can add a magical touch to the party!

The magic of a unicorn will last for many years to come.

You can make a pull-apart cupcake with colorful figurines and other unique decorations.

The unicorn theme’s bright colors and enchanted feel are the perfect combinations for a fairytale party.

A fun and educational activity for children is an egg race.

The kids will love wearing their unicorn masks.

If they are feeling ambitious, you can buy a unicorn hat.

Adding a photo booth to the party is another fun way to have a unicorn birthday.

It is a great activity for kids of all ages.

Moreover, it is a perfect opportunity for them to express their imagination and start the party.

Create a goodie bag of unicorn treats

You can also create colorful goodie bags with rainbow-colored candy for your guests to decorate in honor of this year’s theme.

For younger children, unicorn bark, cupcakes, and other bite-size treats can make a goodie bag.

Unicorn horns can be made from pink and blue cotton candy and stuffed into treat bags.

To make unicorn party favors even more fun, try creating your unicorn t-shirt.

If you are planning a unicorn birthday party, remember that you can include a positive message about being a unicorn.

Unicorns are beautiful creatures that live in a magical world of sunshine and rainbows.

The best way to include positive messages at a party is by including positive messages and good vibes.

Decorate with balloon arches

Unicorns are the most beloved animal of many children.

To add to the magical feel of your unicorn party, decorate with colorful balloon arches.

Balloon arches are easy to make and can create the illusion of a magical land for a princess-themed party.

You can use latex, colored mylar, or unicorn foil balloons to create the head and tail of the mythical creature.

You can also buy some decorations to add a magical touch to your child’s birthday party.

Make your unicorn horns

One of the easiest things you can do to make your unicorn’s birthday party extra special is to make a headband for him or her.

Make them with headbands, glitter, scissors, and flowers.

The easiest way is to make a vanilla cake with food coloring and a sugar cone.

Roll out the fondant on parchment to make the horns and draw the line at 3.5″ from the end.

Hold the fondant in your hand to form a teardrop shape when rolled out.

Then, roll the horn out until it reaches the desired length.

Once you have finished, add the flower to the top to complete the horns.

Make a unicorn-themed cake

  • You can decorate a cake with glitter or use edible paint for a unicorn-themed birthday. You can also use food spray paint to decorate the horn. It is a fun way to celebrate a magical birthday with your child at their special child’s party.
  • 1. Cake: A multi-tiered masterpiece shaped like a unicorn.
  • A unicorn-themed birthday party requires a special theme. Make a unicorn-themed cake to wow the party guests. The unicorn will surely be the star of the party. Serve it in cones or bowls. A photo booth will be a hit at any party! Unicorn masks are fun and adorable!

Decorate with confetti

  • Unicorns are a beloved mythical creature that makes for a magical birthday celebration. Party ideas may include games, outfits, and confetti. If you do not have time to buy supplies, you can always make a unicorn-themed pinata or cake from scratch.
  • You can find unicorn horns for as little as $6.92 online. Pinning the horn on the unicorn game is a fun spin on the pin the tail on a donkey game.
  • A unicorn cupcake is a fun way to decorate for a child’s birthday party. For an outdoor party, stick horses make a fun activity. Decorate them with confetti, too. They can take home their unicorn party souvenirs and a special treat.

Make a unicorn-themed favor bag

  • These fun bags are easy to make and will not cost you an arm and a leg!
  • Unicorn bark is a colorful, edible treat. You can make unicorn horns out of chocolate-covered pretzels or pink cotton candy. Make a delicious funfetti cake, rainbow S’mores, or unicorn-themed ice cream for your friend’s birthday.
  • Make a unicorn-shaped party favor bag and add a thank you note. Another fun unicorn-themed party activity is the pin the horn game. If guests do not want to get a unicorn horn, they can use a wand instead for their thank you message.

DIY unicorn horn

  • Here are some great DIY unicorn horn party ideas to help you create your party favors and decor for this year’s celebrations. Just remember to have some help from an adult if you are having a party!
  • Make a DIY unicorn cake or download free unicorn-themed party games from the internet to decorate your child’s room.
  • Use colorful balloons. You can also buy unicorn party balloons on Amazon. You can also use unicorn-themed backdrops. For example, you can set up a cute backdrop for photos and thank-you cards. Make marshmallow pops, too. For dessert, try making unicorn-themed marshmallows.

Pin the horn on the unicorn

  • Pin the horn is a board game inspired by the majestic unicorn. The game uses corrugated plastic horns, a pink blindfold, and double-sided adhesive. It is the perfect game for younger children to play with friends at a birthday party or after-school outing.
  • Pony horns are available in various colors and designs and look adorable to children. You can purchase a unicorn pinata or make your using craft supplies. Another fun game is to pin the horn on the unicorn, which can be played with a board similar to the classic pin the tail on the donkey game.
  • Try this new game and see if you can get their horn on the unicorn’s head within a designated time limit.

Rainbow unicorn cake

  • If your child is the lucky owner of a rainbow unicorn, you might consider a birthday celebration with a rainbow unicorn cake. This unique cake is sure to impress, and you can easily make it yourself if you are creative! It is also fun to make a rainbow unicorn cupcake! Kids will love the colorful unicorn on top, and you will be surprised how much fun they will have to pull it apart!

Using a piping bag and a couple of strands of frosting, you can easily create the illusion of a magical unicorn:

  1. Make the frosting extra generous and make peaks to create a cloudy, fluffy appearance.
  2. Sprinkle the cake with star sprinkles or candy marshmallows from a cereal box.
  3. Sprinkle with more candy marshmallows for an even more fanciful look!
  • For favors, consider using a unicorn pinata or Mini-Unicorn Stickers.

Layered cookie cake

  • Layered cookie cakes can be decorated with various decorations, and the party theme can be carried through the entire celebration. Chocolate fudge cake can be created with a unicorn theme, or you can use a more modern approach with a rainbow-colored layer cake for your child’s birthday.
  • If your child loves the unicorn theme, you can make a layered cookie cake and serve it as a snack during the party. In addition, you can make unicorn poop meringues for party favors and as thank-you gifts. If unicorns are not your child’s favorite color, try using colored sprinkles to create a fun layered effect on the cookies.


  • Playdough is soft, squishy, glittery, and perfect for a magical celebration. Ingredients listed below are the ingredients you will need to create unicorn-inspired playdOUGH.
  • In addition to using playdough as party favors, you can create a fun and interactive atmosphere for your child. Unicorns are popular among girls, so you can use different colors to create your unicorn-themed party favors. Unicorn party supplies are readily available and will make the day special. Consider adding some of your creative touches to the celebration, such as creating a unicorn-themed cake or cupcakes.
  • 1. Make sure to stock up on coloring supplies, like crayons and glitter pens, for her to play with.

Unicorn horn photo banner

  • If your child is a fan of unicorns, a unicorn horn photo banner makes the perfect birthday party decoration. First, hang it under the birthday banner. Then, add a goodwill board below the banner and ask guests to write wishes on it. You can hang it over the snack table, as well. Either way, it will look amazing wherever it is hung.
  • There are many different styles and prices, and you can get personalized ones with your child’s name on them. The bodysuits are comfortable and stylish for kids as well as adults.
  • Unicorn party supplies are affordable and make party planning easy. A birthday party theme centered around unicorns is a unique way to celebrate a magical day. In addition to unicorn horn photo banners, you can buy various other party supplies at PartyBouchery.com.

Unicorn ring toss

  • Unicorn ring tossing is a great way to promote teamwork among children. Two players each have a unicorn headband with a ring on it. The child with the ring must pass it from side to side without using their hands, and before passing it, they must pick it up and pass it to the other side.
  • The unicorn ring toss is a fun way to celebrate the birthday of a little unicorn. It is an easy game to play with no supplies, and the children will love trying to throw the unicorn ring on its horn. Alternatively, you can also make a cute little unicorn zipper bag to carry a variety of crayons, markers, or stickers.

Unicorn slime making

  • Unicorn slime is fun for all ages and will surely make her birthday party a success. Make a fun unicorn puppet and attach it to a popsicle stick. When the glue dries, take a picture of the finished product. It will be sure to create a magical moment for your child.
  • If you plan a party for a young child who loves superheroes, opt for a slime-making theme based on their favorite superheroes. You can create slime recipes specific to each character and decorate cupcakes in the same color scheme as the superheroes.

Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas For a Magical Celebration